Pioneer, we invented the ´buzziness´

1987,  that is when the Biobest story begins thanks to the magical idea of  Roland De Jonghe. The veterinary from Westerlo started using bumblebees  to pollinate tomatoes, thanks to which tomato growers all over the world  have seen massive improvements.

After this revolution in tomato  crops, bumblebees were soon introduced in several other crops. As  growers also became more aware of the well-being of their bumblebees,  biological control gained ground all over the world. For these reasons,  we can proudly say that ‘We Invented the Buzziness’.

  Global player

Global player, Biobest continues broadening its horizons

With  about 8 strategical production locations and a strong logistic network,  growers in more than 65 countries on 5 continents can rely on our products. All over the world, we are ready to assists growers in collaboration with our local distributors and our own teams of one of  our 16 subsidiaries.

We strongly believe that we can make a  global difference as the demand for sustainable and natural solutions is  rising as well as the consciousness of consumers that healthy and  residue-free products are inevitable.


Advisor, a tailored solution for your crop

It  all starts with high-quality products. However, Biobest takes it a step  further and provides growers with tailored solutions for their crops as we believe that pollination and biological control deserve the best knowledge and care.

That is why we invest in the education of our advisors so that they can share our knowledge and expertise with  growers all over the world. Thanks to this knowledge, we can provide  the highest standard with the focus on pollination and biological  control.

 Sustainable partner

A solution offered by nature

Natural  solutions for pests and diseases in combination with bumblebees. That  is our strength. Biobest offers a wide range of beneficial insects,  mites and nematodes. Biological solutions offered by nature!  Furthermore, we strongly focus on biopesticides, pheromones, traps,  lures…

Growers can introduce the Biobest products in Integrated  Pest Management or in biological farming. Initially, IPM takes care of  natural solutions as a first line of defence. Every crop deserves a  sustainable and complete approach.


Research and innovation

Our  ambition is to offer growers efficient and natural solutions for every  problem in their crop. That is why, Biobest invests in research and  development!

Our R&D department is fully equipped to conduct  basic and applied research in our labs, semi fields and full fields. Our  own researchers collaborate with a network of researches, universities  and institutes all over the world. We translate new ideas into new products, new introduction techniques  and new strategies to be ready to assist growers with suitable natural solutions.