Biobest’s online ordering tool has been designed with a view to allow you to place an order for Biobest products in a convenient and reliable way. The online ordering tool allows you to order products included in your personalized product assortment.

Use online ordering only when you are certain about the type and quantity of products required as an order placed through the online ordering tool will be considered a final and binding order with no possibility for product returns. If you need advice about the type and quantity of products required, contact your Biobest technical advisor or Biobest customer service representative.

On-line orders are subject to Biobest General Conditions of Trade and placing an online order implies your acceptance of these General Conditions of Trade.

You will promptly receive an automated confirmation of receipt of the order from Biobest by email stating the products and the quantity ordered. Please contact your Biobest Customer Service representative in case you do not receive this confirmation.

Product delivery is subject to availability. Confirmation of receipt of the order does not guarantee availability. Biobest will send you a confirmation of shipment the day before actual delivery at your location. If, due to lack of availability, a product is not confirmed to be shipped, you will receive a separate mail with information about the expected delivery date for such missing product. 

Biobest products in your personalized product assortment may be subject to different types of regulation with regard to their use, storage, transport or disposal; such as for example the regulation related to Plant Protection Products. Biobest is happy to advise in case you have any questions, but does not assume any responsibility with regard to your compliance with applicable regulation.

The successful use of products for pollination and biological control depends on numerous factors which are not under Biobest’s control. These include the use of the products in line with regulation, Biobest recommendations, and user instructions. Biobest is happy to advise in case you have any questions, but its responsibility is limited to providing you with products in compliance with Biobest quality standards and does not include any responsibility with regard to the result obtained in your crop. Please consider the risk of bumblebee stings and use bumblebees in accordance with our user instructions as described.

Images of products or packaging are provided for illustration purposes but may vary from actual product delivered.

This online ordering tool is made available for your personal use only. Biobest does not assume any liability in case of temporary non-availability of this on-line ordering tool, in such case please contact Biobest Customer Service.